The 11 fundamentals of  human beeings                                   What the psyche is


The psyche consists of the totality of goals; Midpoints (neural networks) in the brain.



With regard to the activity which depends on the state and course of the external world and the state of the internal states, there are the active in the foreground or background and currently passive midpoints.


(E.g.: At the foreground, active midpoints are in a new environment, in the background social behaviours run parallel, and passive are goals that are satisfied at the moment).


The midpoints are initially generated by targets and represent them. That is to say, if a neural network is stimulated, then the target is activated.


Depending on the demands of life, there are always new goals that create the midpoints.


(The processes of learning or unlearning take place in the synapses of the neurons).


Midpoints can become stronger or weaker in value - depending on when and how often they are needed. If they are no longer needed, they weaken and usually go out.



Psychic phenomena or functions, i.e. acts, states, patterns, experiences, are generally the effects of neuron networks that interact with other midpoints s and generate feelings in parallel.


The midpoints are networked with one another depending on the goals, they can form clusters (a combination for specific processes) and, as a rule, always learn.


So, the psyche in the brain remains flexible and adaptable.



The psyche cannot be equated with the soul, because supernaturality believed here.


Of course, faith can also be at the midpoints of the psyche, affecting other neuronal networks.


This is particularly true of the religious, mystical themes that, in the person concerned, can evoke a self-fulfilling prophecy through the perspective that results, altering his psyche and consequently his body.



Mental satisfaction and balance is shown when the midpoints s harmonize with each other.





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Basic knowledge about human beings

  • Consciousness is neither an incompre-hensible mind (as is often believed), nor does it decide
  • This is the brain’s job. It controls people with neuronal networks (which I call midpoints) that have been formed through the goals of inheritance and experience.
  • Consciousness only experiences with the senses. With these sensations and data, the brain can change its decisions.


People are never shaped by just one area of the brain, but always by many that are connected to each other via neural networks.


Without exception, these networks were each created by goals.



Regarding perception and knowledge:


Most people believe that the world they see is always like this (except for normal changes).

This is the fundamental mistake for deeper understanding: we see the world because of our way!

This is what our brain shows us to survive. And so this is just a perspective as you can see it.


Because you can only recognize the world from one perspective. Anyone who thinks this is the only and correct one is wrong.



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