How could you explain yourself ... FAITH AND TRUTH


The latter is a state of the brain that shapes human beings with its focus (midpoint) on “faith”.

One believes in a spirit here, in the sense of a metaphysical structure.

This is often a belief that is eaten up in people and that no argument, no matter how valid, can be achieved if the person does not want it. He wants to stay at the midpoint of his belief, which only allows what supports his belief. Everything else is simply not perceived through the midpoint-mechanics - if the human being has a strong will to maintain his belief.


Faith has only parts from the inside of the human being - never from outside, because the external substances (such as writings, speeches, buildings) that you ingest are transformed by the brain using the central principle of faith.

Faith lies in the primordial structures and these generally work with feelings.

People like to indulge in their feelings when they like them and often take them as proven facts.

Believers will never know the bottom of the world because they are caught in the midpoint of faith. And therefore can not see that everything consists of substances that run according to laws.

They live in the world that their religious community has put together. If they deviate from this, they run the risk of being excluded from this society of believers and losing the feeling of security.

Fundamental questions about reality and truth on a scientific basis are excluded if they question their beliefs.

Therefore, because many people do not know the processes within themselves, they believe that outside of them act spiritual powers that shape themselves and the world. This is pure fantasy: the processes in them follow the focus on mechanics that control the view of themselves and the world.


And one more note on what people say, "Nobody has the truth":

Truth is what cannot be refuted according to scientific criteria.

It cannot be disproved that everything consists of substances that accumulate according to the law.

Just like: Identical substances under identical circumstances always result in an identical result. (The same substances in the same circumstances always result in the same thing).

So this is the truth. And everyone can come into their possession if they think clearly.


In Buddhism there is the sentence: "There is no truth above the truth."


This fits exactly with the definition of truth: 'Everything consists of substances that run according to laws.'




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Basic knowledge about human beings

  • Consciousness is neither an incompre-hensible mind (as is often believed), nor does it decide
  • This is the brain’s job. It controls people with neuronal networks (which I call midpoints) that have been formed through the goals of inheritance and experience.
  • Consciousness only experiences with the senses. With these sensations and data, the brain can change its decisions.


People are never shaped by just one area of the brain, but always by many, each with differentiated proportions that are connected to one another via neuronal networks.



Without exception, these networks were each created by goals.



Regarding perception and knowledge:


Most people believe that the world they see is always like this (except for normal changes).

This is the fundamental mistake for deeper understanding: We see the world because of the way we are!

This is what our brain shows us to survive. And so this is just a perspective as you can see it.


Because you can only recognize the world from one perspective. Anyone who thinks this is the only and correct one is wrong.



If you want to recognize yourself, you should ask about your goals.


Whoever wants to see the world should ask about the laws.


Every living being is part of the world.


Goals limit the level of knowledge.


This carries out the midpoint-mechanics (in which the human beings are always).




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