How could one explain oneself ...                               HOW TRAUMA ARISES


Mental shocks are experiences that can restrict the healthy functioning of the psyche. If they get stuck, one speaks of trauma.

Traumas occur when an event regarding a world view was not integrated in the human brain (for example because it is repulsive) and therefore could not be processed.

The human psyche then refuses to accept this horrific event as something that also belongs to the world.

This non-integration tries to no longer perceive and suppress it.

Often this does not work. And so the traumatized person suffers from what he experienced earlier.

The flashing of the trauma can be imagined by someone who is not affected by something like this: The trauma can be reactivated by any similarities. This happens on the one hand through the brain, which is constantly busy with many processes, which constantly compares with the outside and inside, and on the other hand with previously experienced situations, which are related to similarities of images, situations, events or in terms of shape, location, of time. This also affects conditioned elements. (So you can also explain part of the dreaming and its failures)

This can provoke all possible, particularly emotional reactions to the trauma.

In post-traumatic events, this process creates emotions and images that catapult people back into what they had experienced before and let them experience it again.




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