How could one explain oneself. . .                                      THE SELF


The SELF is a relatively small, but - in terms of its values - an essential part in the human brain - and also acts from this.


It is formed from feelings: what I like, what I don't like. Over time, this changes to: I want that, I don't want that. And the SELF forms itself accordingly. The aims are accordingly stored in the brain and work unconsciously or consciously.



Depending on the level of development, they are supplemented with cognitive personal goals.



That SELF can strengthen or weaken goals with his will. So, influence other goals via the midpoit-mechanics of the will goal.



The SELF is also a postulated instance in Freud’s psychoanalysis, which is equated with consciousness.


Now consciousness is just a function that is supposed to provide the brain's aims with more precise information so that they can make better decisions.


Therefore Freud's above-mentioned ego invention makes no sense.


In one sentence: consciousness is not the self!



The SELF, that is, what you mean, what you are yourself, as I said, is formed from the feelings of human being, from his mental state. The beginning is around the end of the 2nd year of life.


Here personal goals gradually emerge.


One more word about SELF-Ideal:

This is how you would like to be yourself and how you mean how others should see you.

This can harm you if you set goals incorrectly.




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