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Superstition is the belief that one clings to despite all the evidence to the contrary.


A key mechanism here is the midpoint-mechanics, since it excludes everything that does not fit in with the momentary goal of superstition.


Thus, it produces a self-fulfilling prophecy, because one only perceives what confirms superstition - not what speaks against it.


Incidentally, this also applies to horoscopes, prophecies, etc:



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Basic knowledge about human beings

  • Consciousness is neither an incompre-hensible mind (as is often believed), nor does it decide
  • This is the brain’s job. It controls people with neuronal networks (which I call midpoints) that have been formed through the goals of inheritance and experience.
  • Consciousness only experiences with the senses. With these sensations and data, the brain can change its decisions.


People are never shaped by just one area of the brain, but always by many that are connected to each other via neural networks.


Without exception, these networks were each created by goals.





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