How could one explain oneself ...                                  "SPIRIT" MEANS: FLEXIBILITY OF THE NEURON NETWORKS (MIDPOINTS) IN THE BRAIN


Being flexible (mentally flexible) means: learning. And this means that the neuronal networks (midpoints) adapt to life.


It generates understanding, creativity and is important for learning. The more rigid the brain, the more you react like a automaton. New things are put in old drawers; and you keep going after that midpoint without including it. However, this would be important in order to generate fresh aims, for example to create new solutions to a problem or to be able to deal with the world and yourself better, more appropriately and to gain further insights.


So, the more rigid the brain, the less one thinks of it and one reacts - limited by a midpoint - often inappropriately and spontaneously.


Flexibility means that you don't always accept quick reviews like this, but rather take a closer look at them if they are important to you.


In other words, you should look twice more so that consciousness (better: perception) is activated and sends information to the brain, with the aim that synapses (which are responsible for learning) can possibly change.


So, if you create an aim that takes into account the above, you can become more flexible, i.e. include other midpoints, experiences, similarities.



The more consciousness (with his senses) is activated, the better you can recognize the world and yourself and give the brain the opportunity to learn - to form new goals or midpoints.


The faster midpoints can change, i.e. the better they learn and interact with other midpoints, the more adaptable and flexible the brain is in reaching goals.


The flexibility depends on the system, what has been learned in the course of life and the current state of human beings.


One more remark about the "spirit": A spirit, in the sense of an immaterial being, which our ancestors felt internally and then projected outwards because the functions of the brain - even with regard to the center mechanics - were completely unknown to them, there is only one in people. Everything else are projections that have no substance in reality.


The spirits in a self are the midpoints. They can arise and pass, in the respective context with regard to a certain value they more or less play along and shape people.



Midpoints have the ability to suddenly show people a world that is completely different from what they are used to. A good example is love.




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