How could one explain oneself ...                                 WHAT THE SOUL IS – AND HOW "SPIRIT" AND METAPHYSICS SHOULD BE USED


The soul is not to be equated with the psyche because it is believed in transcendental elements.


Of course, the belief in a soul can also be a midpoint in the psyche and thereby influence other neuronal networks.



This is particularly true of the religious, metaphysical issues that can provoke a self-fulfilling prophecy in the person through which he sees the world as it was prophesied. And what can change his psyche and consequently his body.



I also generally use "spirit", such as "mental faculties", in the sense of the human psyche. So not lifted, but down to earth.



And on metaphysics:

Metaphysics is a sought-after belief that is supposed to refute the definition:

Law means that identical parts - or waves - always result in identical structures under identical circumstances. Laws are inherent properties of substances that - viewed in isolation - are unchangeable (apart from the basic possibilities for modification contained in them) as long as nothing is added to or removed from the substances.
And that means that everything can only take place in a very specific legal form.
Substances and laws belong together directly and inseparably. There are no substances without laws or vice versa.
The formula: substances = laws is universal.

One would like other (metaphysical) truths to be hidden behind such obvious truths. This is somewhat similar to looking for God. Both strive for dream fulfillment.


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