How could one explain oneself...                                WHAT SLEEP IS


Sleep is used to help the brain recover from performing the tasks that allow people to achieve their goals through the midpoint-mechanics.

According to science, sleep has the task of anchoring what has been learned, which is essential for brain aims, and removing what is no longer used.


While the psyche with the midpoints is responsible for the adaptation and survival in the environment, sleep is decisive for relaxation from the central points and the integration of the learned.


The body's motor skills (skeletal muscles) are mostly switched off during sleep or in similar conditions. Accordingly, people cannot be shaped as when they are awake. Also not because the functions of the forehead are partially reduced to zero (e.g. logic).


Much of what was important in the daily routine is reduced in value during sleep. Perception does not send any information to the brain, so it no longer activates the midpoints. You then no longer play the role of waking. In sleep, associations, largely unaffected by the midpoints of waking, can play their game.


So, as a rule, we do not need the goals of survival during sleep, so they are largely shut down. Unless something extraordinary happens. Then of course we immediately wake up and the middle points take over the direction again.


The difference between wakefulness and sleep is that in the former the midpoints provide a structure with regard to the respective goal, whereas in sleep they are partially reduced to zero. So they have little influence on the brain, which can therefore conjure up the strangest images in the dream.


If a focus is very much on a person, then this topic can also play a role in sleep with the aim of finding a solution. This then takes place less according to the midmechanics, which suppresses other things, but according to the laws that work in sleep.


The sleep midpoints lose their power during sleep and are subject to the laws of creativity in particular.


The dream is so difficult to understand when you are awake, because you are back in the usual center. Whereas in the dream these midpoints are more or less dissolved because the goals are largely inactive. This ends immediately when we wake up. Because the dream event then generally has no value, is not important for the present.




Another thought about sleep: Especially when falling asleep, thoughts often come to your head. I mean, they have no business here anymore. So, I try not to go into them with the exercise:




As I breathe in, I keep getting closer to the end of the universe and as I breathe out, I stay just below this limit that I just reached.


Of course, since the universe is infinite, I can never reach the end. And so, I can continue this exercise indefinitely.


What is very important: There should be no free space between the "end of the universe" and this limit just reached by me (so that nothing can get in between);

No troublemaker can develop like this.

Troublemakers are centers of wakefulness and similarities.




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