How could you explain ...                                         WHAT THE WORD ‘SELF-SIZE’ MEANS


Self-size is the belief that you are at the center of the world and take yourself too seriously.


The brain is networked. The networks formed based on aims. The SELF is formed from feelings: what I like, what I don't like. As a result, it forms goals that are established in corresponding neuron networks (midpoints). However, these midpoints are only a small part of the entire psyche, that is, the totality of goals in humans. The midpoints of the SELF like to move to the foreground because they can trigger positive feelings. This affects other midpoints, which sometimes can no longer play the role as it might be necessary.


(Note: The central decision mechanism in humans is feeling. Even if the logic of the frontal-lobe signals that this or that decision is correct, then feeling still plays an important role.)


Exaggerated self-esteem is mostly innate or often arises from feelings of inferiority.


You always meet people who are not concerned with the current topic, but to present themselves. I call this Self-size (exaggerated self-esteem).


Self-size is when the SELF is too much in the foreground and there is not enough space for other midpoints.


Anyone who is in the center of Self-size will overlook many of the things that are important at the moment - as it is done according to the rules of the midpoint-mechanics.


Recognizing the self-size is therefore also important so that important facts from current topics are not hidden.


For example, if you give a lecture and are too overwhelmed by the Self-size, you will pay less attention to important points because it is primarily about focusing on yourself and not the topic at issue.


If you get caught in a self-sized and detect this, you can smile at yourself.


The advantage here is that you get to know each other better.






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