How could one explain oneself ...                               HOW SELF-CONTROL WORKS


The psyche consists of midpoints. These carry out the aims in humans.


If you want to control yourself, this means that you (the SELF) form a aim that observes and intervenes over its midpoint if these do not work as you want. Then, as far as the other aims in the brain allow, it will activate further midpoints that influence the midpoints that have got out of hand accordingly.


Control here always means: checking goals to see if they work (as you want).


This can lead to exaggeration, a certain rigidity that limits the flexibility of the brain.


Because: An excessive self-control harbours the risk of self-enslavement. This can often be found in "head people", who could therefore perceive their feelings more restrictedly.



So you can influence yourself by setting aims. Self-analysis in particular can help to influence midpoints of the psyche.


This is integrated in the brain and can contribute to changing one's own behavior in the case of similar occurrences.


By the way: A word about complete control: Even if you wanted to form an aim with which you want to control all processes in the brain: This would be impossible because countless processes run in parallel in fractions of a millisecond.


With regard to the formation of new aims, one should generally keep in mind: This does not happen out of the blue or through any metaphysical actions, but only through aims in a self that are newly formed or activated in the brain.


This could be illustrated by the example of relaxation: An aim

or a group of goals –m had tried more and more to gain power in the self. By the goal of relaxation e.g. activates a midpoint that invalidates this group.




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