How could one explain oneself. . .                                    Anger on yourself


Everyone has ideals - as he or she wants to be. This includes et al. also often, no mistakes.


Quite a few people get angry and curse themselves if it does not work the way you want.


Does it make sense? Does this change anything?


This often changes something in his psyche, which is in the brain: it ducks and splits off from the foolish (that is, from the goal of changing oneself through anger).


As a result, the harmony, the healthy interaction of the midpoints with each other, can be disturbed.



It would be better to say, "What happened, had to happen as it happened" - and try to figure out why you did this to change that part, that goal of your psyche. This also applies to simple mistakes that one made.


Defeat this anger, and move quietly towards the desired goal, and finally reach it, then you are content in the psyche and proud of yourself.


To be perfect, only strive for people who know little about themselves (how their psyche acts, that it runs on substances and laws).


To get to know each other better, you could watch yourself. One would among other things notice that often the same processes take place. Here is an approach to change yourself.


Because one is naturally dependent on his psyche. And for the sake of harmony and compensation, it is good to be on your own.


This cannot be achieved by force and not by punishing yourself with curses.


This could help to test his ideals: to wonder where they come from and whether they really are still necessary in this form (because the goals of the ideals are often annoying to themselves if they are not fulfilled become).


You could find what you are looking for in your caregivers, the people you grew up with, the culture you lived or lived on, and the people you are now with.



Advice: You are the way you are, so take it - if you cannot change yourself without hurting yourself.


Because you are what you are - so your brain is (what capabilities and possibilities it has).


In addition, remember the motto: what happened, had to happen as it happened.


So, your brain had to be the way it is now. And be as it is after your change wash (et al. the same or changed).


And only through your brain can you change (with your ME being in the brain as well) - if it has the capacity.



Another small analysis: If someone is angry about something that he himself had done, then the moment he gets angry, the situation at that time appears in him, flooding him like a flash. He acts as if he had just done that.


And a little digression about the cursing:


The curse is caused by the failure to reach a goal, and one is held responsible for it. For example: a mystical figure, an inanimate object, a person or another living being.


In all cases, cursing is not helpful because it does not change the past.


What would change something would be, if you look at what did not work out or come true, look at it again, and then change your own behaviour to make it work.




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