The 11 fundamentals of  human beeings                                   That there are primordial structures in humans


Primordial structures developed in the beginning of all life and were multiplied by evolution



The concept of the head, the leader, whom one trusts, has an essential part in the primordial structures. This was particularly important for living beings, such as prehistoric humans, in order to have goals, such as role models, in order to survive as best as possible.

Here is, with high probability, the actual cause from which the term "God" has formed.

Since this is deeply anchored in the nature of the person, the goal of subordinating himself to something, especially in the present, is shaped especially through feelings.



The fact that there is something mystical, supernatural, God, was an absolute truth to primitive man, which gave them their feeling. This could have taken root over time in the genome, or epigenetics.


Humans, as a rule, probably did not think about it because it was a fact for them.


In all people there are unconscious collective archetypes, ideas, patterns and schemes that work in them. (Even small children, for example, look for patterns and rules to understand the world). They are pictures or instructions of a form or behavior that are deeply rooted in the human species and are inherited.

In particular to create survival and offspring
These have arisen through evolution (which, like everything, proceeds according to substances controlled by laws) - not through metaphysical powers.


Such as beauty, abhorrence of murder, fairness, Morality (in the sense of how one behaves towards others), pursuit of acceptance (recognition within a group), justice, freedom, autonomy, self-control, rejection of fraud / falseness.


If these patterns are not followed, feelings of vengeance and retribution can develop.




These can among other things. to appear in a dream. These include also creating lives, producing offspring, growth, dating, the pursuit of a group, diffused notions of mystical beings (formed and anchored in phylogenesis, the phylogeny of human beings, fantasies experienced as realities).


On the latter: It is clear that mystical images, feelings, ideas, etc., have taken root in the genes of the primordial structures because the earlier humans could explain the world only through ghosts, gods, mysticism. All of us inherit this heritage through epigenetics.


In addition, there are, for example, patterns in the human being such as the pattern of the mother's breast or in the cat a scheme of the mouse.


These primordial structures are always only in the living beings - in the brain -, never outside, and, like everything in the universe, run according to laws.


Every genus has its image in it. Just as human has the image of people, or the recognition of gender types. In addition, there are also diffuse primal structures in the brain, such as a dwelling, a seat, flora and fauna, etc.


These primal structures are important because you can build the environment faster, set vertices to better orient yourself. primal structures are not concrete, but are formed according to the respective present. If they were specific - like the biological goals that have exact specifications in every human being - then the respective psychological goals would be too limited in their form. The images and ideas are therefore generally held and indistinct, because one must orientate each of the present, adapt. The clearer they would be, the closer the circle would be, the more difficult would be the adaptation. Just as memories rise in us, when we are confronted with similarities, so it is with the primal structures, when midpoints are activated, which affect it.


So, as the body, the individual extremities, etc. are inherited, how they are to be designed exactly, so does the mental heredity. However, not exactly, but more than diffuse images and ideas, because otherwise, as I said, there is a risk that you cannot adapt to the present properly to achieve these goals to execute.



In the primordial ground of man there is e.g., the hero who is stimulated by a current sports hero or music hero and thus fired from the inside of the person - so that the (diffuse) image that one has within is fulfilled.



When you see a play or a movie, read a book that pleases you, if you want to know yourself, you can ask why you like it. One will always encounter primal structures that lie in one, are thus stimulated and brought to life.


The effect of the primal structures could be imagined on the example of an artist: he has a kind of picture - an idea - in himself, which he cannot recognize at first but creates his works towards this goal.


Even the diffuse image of a God in one that stands for security and support is a prototype that takes shape in caregivers, such as parents.


Here is also the desire for a saviour.


► I call this the succession complex: the devotion to someone who has been assigned special abilities and whom one trusts to the point of blindness.



So, once the thought of God or an overpowering power in one occurs (which is not so rare) that they have caused something, then it should be remembered that this came from a self, from its own primal structure.


That it does not come from the outside, but from the inside.



In humans, the archetype seems to exist, to subordinate something (vital). For example, the baby of his mother, the child of his parents. This is about life, protection and security. There is often a leader in the adult world.


Also, the original pattern, to fit into a group or subordinate to the morality under which it lives.


As I said: All listed goals or midpoints of the primal structures run mostly unconsciously and shape the human being. And all are substances that run according to laws.


Here are the main reasons for the drives, the behaviour of the people.

As already mentioned, the most important are to survive and to produce offspring.



►The first I call the life complex: So, the trigger to live as long as you can, regardless of the circumstances.




► The second I call the offspring complex: So, the mainspring to produce offspring, regardless of the environmental conditions.


By activating the primal structures, the deeper psyche of the human being can be reached, also in order to possibly act on it.

The key to this are simple stories, fairy tales, pictorial illustrations, etc.



One more word about the archetypes (as defined by C.G. Jung): ancient commonalities which lie deep in the hereditary mass and of which people are shaped by unconscious patterns of thought and action.




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