How could one explain oneself ...                                PRIMING


Priming is often the reason why you suddenly deviate from your aim, your current midpoint and switch to another. It activates another neural network that can take the lead in behaviour.


Priming is the activation of a midpoint (neural network) through a similarity in the brain via a usually unconscious, stimulus. It depends on the value (positive or negative) of this midpoint in humans. The stronger he is, the more he jumps on the charm.


If you notice it (usually it happens unconsciously), you should be aware of this change in attention, so perceive it with your intensified senses - but do not go into it further (similar to meditation). Because in order to achieve a strong impact, every focus needs attention. This is his food. The more, the better it works, the less, the smaller its effect. This can go to complete ineffectiveness.


The priming is particularly unfortunate, for example, by a noise, an image, a smell, or the like, by which an existing trauma is stimulated.


This also applies to addiction.




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