How could one explain oneself ...                             PREDICTIONS


Predictions are important and correct for the brain. Because it must give the consciousness the opportunity to experience them so that it receives information about the influences and reactions that could result from it in order to check them.

This is essential so that alternatives can be examined in order to bring the goal that is being pursued to a successful conclusion.

Important suggestions come from the frontal lobe. This developed more and more in the course of evolution. Because it has a considerable value to be able to look at the world stored in the brain, to transform it according to one's goals and then to try to realize them.

It gives the brain, especially with the values of the I, the possibility to abstract the world, to move it back and forth, to reconnect it in order to bring about solutions.

So it represents a considerable advantage over other species and the competition within its own genus.

Here the frontal lobe, which consciousness specifically uses as an informant, is an essential factor.

In addition, people make predictions based on their feelings.

This is good if he has a lot of experience in a field.

This is bad when he lacks the experience. Here, feeling is a fuzzy thing that leans toward heuristics.




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