How could one explain oneself...                               PANIC


Panic is also a prime example of midpoint- mechanics.

In absolute panic, you are completely shielded from everything else. One is only shaped by the goal of panic, which mechanically no longer perceives anything else. In particular, the forehead, which is responsible for rational considerations, is also paralyzed.

During this period you live in a tightly enclosed bubble with concrete-like walls that do not let anything through.


One approach to solving this problem is self-observation: a total focus, like panic, attracts all attention.

Or to put it another way: He is dependent on nothing being disturbed, all attention being paid to him.

If the goal of introspection comes into play, the totality of panic decreases. The dam of the foreclosure becomes permeable. And the more you stay in this goal of attentive self-observation, consciously look at the course of the panic in yourself, the less it can completely shape you.

If you see yourself more clearly again, other centers, especially the forehead brain, can become active again and help to contribute to the solution.

Conclusion: The closed state of panic could therefore be opened by self-observation.

It would also be helpful if one could say in this situation: "What happens must happen how it happens". This could bring some peace to the hectic happenings.

Prophylactic exercises are particularly helpful for such or similar situations as one should behave. The center created in this way can ensure calm, self-assurance and self-control.




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