How could one explain oneself. . .                                      What love is


Love: why it exists, where it comes from, what it is, and through which processes it works.



First, about sexuality:



The purpose of love is to restrict the human brain - as with drugs - with the aim of producing offspring. The cause lies in the primordial structures.


Often one gives oneself completely to the other with trust.


Love frequently leads people to start a new group.


(Belongs to the topic: "Producer complex.")




Love works in a similar way to addictions: The midpoint-mechanics thereby change behaviors and values; lets you perceive more restrictedly what does not belong to the present love.


Especially when people are at the midpoint of sexuality, they perceive the world differently.


Feelings play a powerful role at this time, which you can hardly and will not avoid. You really strive for it. The principle of the midpoint point can blind people.


In addition to the sexual sense of love outlined above, there are also many varieties with different emotional intensities.


Among other things: strong affection, particularly attractive interests, intensive devotion, captivating hobbies.


Everyone works on the same emotional principle as long as you are at the midpoint of each love.





Not that I am misunderstood: Of course I know about the central role that love plays in people's lives.



I only wanted to explain the causes once. Which, as I said, are in the urstructures in humans.




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