How could one explain oneself ...                           WHERE ARE THE GOALS IN PEOPLE - AND WHERE THEY CAME FROM




All human beings strive to achieve their aims, which have their starting point in the underlying

primal structures.


The answer is clear: the goals are in the head brain, the autonomic nervous system and the abdominal brain (enteric nervous system).


In each case in the form of widely branched neuron networks. They are saved there. Since humans learn lifelong and this takes place in neuron networks, more precisely: in the existing and newly formed synapses that then network the neurons, depending on the requirements, goals of humans - and the neuron networks (midpoints) - also change for a lifetime.


New learning creates new connections; if they are no longer needed, they are broken down again.


It is like at the beginning of every individual life: According to the goals of inheritance and environmental requirements, new neuron connections are always created that want to achieve the respective goals



Before a neural network is formed, a goal needs to be achieved. Goals form among other things consciously or unconsciously, specifically or indistinctly. Very often, spontaneous goals are formed that are required for certain processes.


Changes happen due to importance. Life itself usually has the highest value, then comes the goal of producing offspring, the goals of basic needs, such as the maintenance of the body, then the goal of living together in the respective group, the orientation in the world. The higher the value in people, the less it will change.


The values influence each other. The higher the value, the stronger the influence. This is possible through the center mechanics, so that values can temporarily move to the foreground.



The goals are based on requirements. Ultimately, the locations of the destinations are the midpoints that they themselves created.






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