How could one explain oneself ...                                EVERY UNINTENDED THOUGHT CAN INFLUENCE YOU


It depends on whether you respond to the idea or not. If so, it will shape you; if not, it will usually dissolve.


Sudden thoughts e.g. , can come into your head at any time.


If you are in midpoints that have stimulated them, then they can structure you; you see the world through them and adjust accordingly.


However, thoughts often have neither the importance with which they advance, nor the full "overview", nor are they absolutely correct. This also applies to media that want to convey something (information, opinions, etc.) or to conversations that provoke ideas.


One should not forget that information is always sent here that is aimed at goals (intentional or unintentional) in oneself.


Therefore, before considering an idea, you should consider whether this is good.


Because the conclusions that the brain draws from the new perspective do not necessarily have to be correct, they can only be interpretations that make one react wrong.


False ideas are also a common reason for attitudes that you once learned - often in childhood - but no longer fit now. They are activated by similarities in the present and bring the person with the center mechanics into a certain structure, which may no longer be up to date.


Another thing is, if you deliberately look for something and you can't think of it: 'You have to come up with something' means that you are open to all the central points in your psyche so that they can help you find a solution to the goal, to which you see no way at the moment.


This means that you should refrain from blocking thinking and feeling in this respect for a certain time.



If you don't want ideas to bother you, the relaxation / meditation exercise could help:

Approach the end of the universe as you breathe in and remain below this limit just as you exhale.

(Note: Since the universe is infinite, you can of course never reach the end. So you can continue this exercise indefinitely).


If you do this and keep repeating it, you can often see that, among other things, push thoughts, images, feelings between inhaling and exhaling, although there should be no space in between.


If you disregard these and continue your exercises, they usually dissolve.




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