How could one explain oneself...                                HOW VALUES ARE CREATED


Values are target factors. They determine what is important to people. It is essential aims and strong driving forces in humans that shape them via the midpoint-mechanics.

How do values form?

Through structure (inheritance) and environment (especially through the culture and the group you live in - from which you want to be acknowledged).

And by generating your own values.

General values include: life, family, fathering children, belief, etc. They are something that is important to us personally.

Everyone has their own value system.

Values are a blessing and a curse for people. Blessing because it is driven by it, and curse because it doesn't see much because of the midpoint-mechanics.

Now there are different values, one in each person, and then especially in relation to the different cultures. This means that what is okay for one person is not necessarily the same for another. When someone says, "Something is fine", he is saying that this corresponds to his own values.


For example, those who have the value in themselves that people are free and can decide accordingly will reject the opposite, because this could endanger their values. This means that he will either not argue with the assertion that you have no free will and are not completely free in your decisions, or you will fight this view. The midpoint-mechanics brings him to this.


People usually try to defend their values because that is the basis from which they live.

It is difficult to impossible to change one's own deep values (like those in the primordial structures that were inherited). It is the basic drives of the human being, according to whose values he lives.

This is the powerful pool of values of the human being, the actual drive, which mostly acts unconsciously and often eludes rational control.

You can say: if you know your values, then you also know yourself.

A note about the guilt of other people who have violated their values. The basis of guilt: it is assumed that others have (should) have the same values.




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