How could one explain oneself ...                                    WHY YOU ARE DESIGNED BY HEURISTICS


Heuristics is a method of drawing conclusions with little knowledge within a short period of time.


It means to follow the first idea, mostly unconsciously, to choose it.


It is the easiest solution to answer questions, make decisions and get through life fluently without thinking too much. This includes "common sense" and habits.


This is usually okay. Because if you question everything that comes your way, e.g. wanted to activate consciousness (better: perception), then one would step more or less on the spot: it takes time and is often tedious.


But with certain events, e.g. If you are new, you should switch on consciousness to think in order to receive more detailed information and thereby be able to make better decisions, and not just go by similarities that appear in the brain.


The brain will often resist this because it means work; it prefers to stick to its old view or find easier answers that are less difficult.


Of course, nobody can be an expert in all areas. Would you want to, because you would have to look at everything from all sides. Nobody would have the time and resources for this.


However, since the brain usually accesses what is close and familiar, spontaneously invents and decides, and does not initially think, one should look twice more often when something unusual occurs and, as I said, activate his consciousness.


Prejudices and ad hoc interpretations also fall under this topic and determine our view and reaction; it is also a common means of quickly assessing the situation.


A flexible brain helps to take a closer look. This also includes differentiation. I.e. not only opting for white or black, but discovering important facts to get a more precise overview of the topic. This breaks down the simple yes or no and subsequently makes a more objective judgment.




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