How could one explain oneself ...                                THAT HABITS CAN BE SO POVERFULL


Habits tend to consolidate. Since this is economical for the brain, a lot of people form and shape it in humans. The disadvantage of this is that you may not be able to record new things or take them as quickly; the ability to learn decreases the more they settle and act.

So you can also see habits as inhibitors.

Habits are of course
midpoints. The stronger they become, the more power they accumulate and reduce other midpoints (according to the laws of midpoint-mechanics) in value or delete them entirely. This is positive as long as it does not negatively influence or restrict other important midpoints so much that they are hardly noticed. It is therefore important to realize that aims that are healthy, but are no longer available or are restricted, can be awakened or modified - which is usually not easy.

Everything has a certain persistence, especially habits. That's why it's usually difficult to change them. Also, because they are goals. And if you haven't achieved goals, it can lead to negative feelings.
Because all neuron networks that have arisen through goals and represent them are connected with corresponding feelings.

The stronger a goal is, the more powerful are the feelings that try to get people to continue the habit. Because these can be like chains.

That's why it's so difficult to change.

If habits bother you, you shouldn't fight them because pressure builds up back pressure, but because they are at the midpoint, build a new goal with healthy behaviours.

Habits are blind, they follow a set course. Until the attention or even more perception becomes apparent that this habit is no longer consistent; about harming health. For this purpose, this information is transmitted to the brain through consciousness.

Nobody would have the time to question each of his habits immediately. As I said, they are important and indispensable for people because they run smoothly and save time, making a lot of sense from an economic point of view.

Nevertheless, you should question your habits here or there because they can limit the healthy flexibility of the brain.

If habits are not carried out, then, as already mentioned, you get a bad feeling - which is caused by the brain. The reason is that they have worked quite well so far. From this the brain concludes that they should be maintained. Initially, it does not take into account the changed circumstances, which it would have to learn first - especially through information from perception.

By the way: Control is always exercised by the central points that (can) take up the information from consciousness - just as they make all decisions.

Now there are useful and useless, unhealthy habits. For example, when drinking has become a habit: If you don't drink, the brain signals through feelings that something is wrong that you should correct. In other words, you should drink again.


It is said that an accident rarely comes alone. This is because a number of familiar processes have gotten out of step due to the accident and therefore no longer work automatically; accordingly, the mistakes you make can accumulate.
The vast majority of activities in humans are due to habits, automatic processes. If they are disturbed for any reason, the habit automatic can stall altogether.

For example, phantom pain arises from habit: when a leg is amputated, it is often still seen by the brain - here the cortical plasticity - as if the leg was still there.

An interesting aspect of the habits are the generation conflicts: One reason why generations can be at odds with one another is that in the older generation, established habits have become established and the goals have made the views rigid. As a rule, this is not yet the case in the younger generation.
This gives people a different view of the world.





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