How could one explain on oneself...                                    GUT FEELING


For many people, gut feeling is a kind of intuition or sixth sense.


But it is certainly not wrong to understand the real reason that triggers the gut feeling: It is based on similar experiences in the past or is innate with similarities in these situations.


Similar experiences in other situations can be useful, but are usually not congruent.


You always experience feelings that tell you one hundred percent that this or that is absolutely correct and in order and that urge you to make this decision.


If you ultimately decide against the feeling, you can get a bad gut feeling.


However, if you are not an expert in the field (but also sometimes if you are an expert), you should critically question these feelings. Because the less you know about a thing, the more they can creatively pretend.


If e.g. the gut feeling says, this or that should be decided one way or the other, then you can often register later that you made a wrong decision.


Of course, the feelings are often right. Because the same experiences with regard to similar events usually lead to corresponding results.


So it is not so easy to discover wrong feelings.


But if there is something very important, it would be good to look at what has been said above and to switch on thinking: This also activates the consciousness, which can look more closely at what the feelings want with enhanced senses. And with this information, the brain is given the opportunity to revise its decision.




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