How could one explain on oneself...                                    THAT YOU ALWAYS WANT TO GROW


When life came into existence billions of years ago, each living being had to protect itself from competition over time. This worked best if you had as many similar creatures around you as possible. This is where the "idea" of growth came into being.

So the aim is to strengthen your position as much as possible. And that's why many people want more and more today, in every respect.


Now every growth has its limits. And whoever wants to keep growing will certainly be pursuing the wrong goal.

For a population, for example, this means that more and more offspring are being produced that consume the available resources, so that ultimately they can no longer meet their basic needs. This leads to tensions within the population that are fought in the struggle for survival.


Would you e.g. limit the number of children, then these negative consequences could be avoided.

On the other hand, the instinct to produce offspring will defend itself with all its might by means of feelings, because the generation of offspring has existed in humans since prehistoric times.


This can be observed very well in humans


And so the drama takes its course.

This means that children are offered unrestrained.





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