How could one explain oneself...                                    frontal lobe


The forehead (frontal lobe) is among others the center of cognitive processing, such as logic, thinking.

It has increased the most in the course of evolution and now accounts for approximately 30% of the cerebral cortex.

This is where the abstract and concrete patterns of thought and action arise, which are clarified via networks with other areas in the brain.

The forehead developed more and more in the course of evolution. Because it is of great value to be able to look at the world stored in the brain, to reshape it according to its goals and then to try to achieve them.

It gives the brain, especially with the values of the SELF, the opportunity to abstract, to move the world back and forth, to relink in order to bring about solutions.

So it represents a significant advantage over other species and competing beings of their own kind.

Incidentally, creativity arises in the brain - and certainly not from heaven or from metaphysical spheres, as some think.


It is also particularly interesting that functions of the forehead are shut down or switched off during sleep.

No actions are formed by the forehead brain during sleep and no willingness to act is created. The criticism is turned off.

In this way, dreams can no longer be viewed rationally.




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