How could one explain on oneself...                            THAT YOU JUST CAN'T REMEMBER, OF WHAT YOU‘ RE LOOKING FOR


Forgetting is generated by (mostly unconscious) changing in another midpoint


An essential point for not being able to think of what you are looking for is the belief that you only control yourself with your SELF. This often triggers a targeted, compulsive search that blocks others.


But if you take a closer look at your brain, you should quickly realize that it is not really the ICH that controls you, but the brain as a whole with its aims and midpoints.


So you should try to concentrate on spatial, temporal similarities and associations when searching - and do this as loosely as possible without exercising. I.e. just calmly draw the wandering attention to what you are looking for.


This has to do with the goal (midpoint point). If you absolutely want something, other areas that seem to have nothing to do with it are excluded. And accordingly you turn in a circle - keep returning to a supposed solution that you initially had in mind, consciously or unconsciously, when you started to search. This is the anchor from where you look at the search.


But if you do not search for it compulsively, but rather loosely or take a break, then you are often reminded of what you are looking for.


This promotes brain flexibility.



It is particularly difficult for people who are impatient with themselves and cannot accept themselves as they are.


Because this creates a midpoint that occupies you and accuses you, and thus narrows other midpoints (the search for the solution).




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