How could one explain oneself ...                                THAT HUMANS BELIEVE IN AN ARBITRARY FATE


Because people have learned it; their fate was the caregivers, usually the parents. Of course, they were expected to want, help and protect the best for you.

If something bad happens to them in adulthood and they blame fate for it, then they actually blame the previous caregivers for it and ask: Why did this have to happen to me, why did you allow it?

But basically fate is what has to happen in the substances according to the laws.

This does not mean that you have to endure everything and have no options for intervention. You yourself are a substance, a shape, a being who has the possibility to perceive and thereby change the course by forming a goal. This also happens according to substances and their laws, which have to take place in the being - and that is also fate.

There is fate - but not the arbitrary, triggered by a metaphysical being. Because arbitrariness always presupposes that a person or power controls fate freely.

It is only and exclusively controlled by the laws in the substances.





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