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Opponents of determinism want among other things show that man has free will.

Proponents seek the truth more, are not afraid of the predicted consequences.


Opponents of determinism say that predictions are often not possible.

That is probably true.

But it is also true that identical substances always show identical results under identical circumstances. Because everything consists of substances that work according to the law.


In the sentence: "Only if you can predict something reliably and repeatably, something is determined", shows too he hubris of human beings.

One escapes this overestimation of one's own self if one realizes that everything consists of substances and laws and realizes that everything is unchangeably determined.

Three rule-determinism:

  1. Determined (i.e. predetermined) is everything that takes place according to laws (because the laws definitely determine the flow of substances).
  2. “Law” means that identical substances always produce identical results under identical circumstances. (Laws are properties of substances that - viewed in isolation - are immutable unless something is added to or removed from the substances).
  3. "Substances" are neurons, brains, cells, living things, elementary particles of the standard model of physics, atoms, molecules, neutrinos, crystals, liquids, gases, stars, star systems, galaxies etc. - everything in the universe.

In addition, they are also considered to be virtual substances in the states of empty spaces  (the vacuum in space).




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