How could one explain oneself ...                DEPRESSIONS


It is scientifically proven that depression can be inherited.

In addition, they are reinforced by unachieved aims that repeatedly attack (want to be fulfilled), although it is apparently or not at all possible for humans, but they cannot break free from them.

The latter can also lead to depression, although no attachment has been inherited.

Depression is usually the burden of several goals (the hereditary system also consists of goals), which urge to be achieved, to be fulfilled, and not to stop - although humans generally (often despite all attempts and efforts) fail to do so.

People with depression have a double problem:


  • You suffer from this disease,
  • and often only see the negative sides of the world that show them their brains in corresponding gray colors.


 As goals become stronger (in terms of wanting to be accomplished), this burden weighs on people.

You could get relief if you perceive the relevant goals in yourself (make them aware), take a closer look and then try to modify them.

Because there are many goals that simply (like complexes) act blindly.




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