How could one explain oneself...                                      HOW CREATIVITY IS BORN


Creativity means connecting similarities that occur in a wide variety of areas

of the brain*. . In some way, everything resembles something else: such as colour, size, temporal proximity, geometric shape, faces, etc. This list could be continued for a long time. And so there are no limits to creativity.


By connecting with similarities, questions that were in a self as a goal can suddenly be answered.


So, creativity arises from a more or less diffuse goal for which no solution has yet been found. The brain tries to find them in order to hit the image as precisely as possible. All components that could contribute to this are connected to each other. There are also various similarities with these components. In addition, what you experience is included. Of course, this whole process mainly takes place subconsciously, because awareness is usually too one-sided and slow and would interfere with the process.


At some point, the solution suddenly turns out to be difficult questions without having explicitly thought about the goal.


The easier the questions are for people, the faster the brain will answer.


There is everyday and extraordinary creativity.

The former are new designs (structures) relating to your own benefit: for example, furnishing an apartment, doing a demanding job or cooking a delicious meal with new ingredients. This type of creativity also shows very well how consciousness (better: perception) works: one goal is formed in one. This creates spontaneous creative suggestions from midpoints of the brain. The senses are strengthened; consciousness is activated. The strengthened senses take up the suggestions as information. This captures the brain and forms a new structure, which is then checked, accepted or rejected with the midpoint of the target to be formed. This process: Creativity – Awareness – Brain continues until you have a coherent feeling that you have achieved the goal.


Extraordinary creativity usually works in such a way that an idea arises in you and you want to bring it to a final goal. Often this does not happen immediately – especially if the idea is absolutely new - and so this topic is put aside for now. This is where the extraordinary creativity comes into play: At some point, after a short or long period of time, thoughts and feelings emerge that are useful without thinking about this goal.


If this goal is sustainable, the solution is often perfected more and more.


So, a goal was set and then suddenly something occurred to you without your attention being in that goal. The solution comes out of nowhere. Of course, it does not come from nowhere, but from the brain that has found something that fits the goal, mostly due to similarities – often from an area that apparently has nothing to do with the topic. This creativity cannot be evoked with the mind and can hardly be traced using logic.


This is also called intuition, i.e. the ability to gain insights into facts, points of view, laws not through deductive conclusions.


Incidentally, creativity arises in the brain – and certainly not from heaven or from metaphysical spheres, as some think.

And: creativity can develop particularly well during sleep, since the forehead brain is switched off.




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