How could one explain oneself ...                               HOW CONSCIENCE IS CREATED


If behavioral guidelines - that is, goals that have been formed in one - are not observed but acted against, embarrassing feelings can come up. Your own behavior is uncomfortable afterwards. These feelings are generated by the unreached goals.

The rules of conduct are either innate about the primordial structures, such as: fairness or loathing for murder, etc., or are formed, among other things. in the socialization phases by the society in which you grew up and each has its own behavioral goals.

Conscience could be calmed down again by raising awareness (better: perception) and strengthening or forming a modified goal to rule out this injury in the future.

It is also helpful if you make yourself aware that everything that happened had to happen as it happened.

It is therefore important to form a goal that avoids repeating the same behavior.

By the way: All goals work with feelings.


If a goal is not achieved, negative feelings are generated, which should lead to the pursuit and fulfillment of the goal.





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