How could one explain oneself ...                                COMMON SENSE


Taking the common sense into the field in a dispute involves two claims:

  • "Only this statement is correct, that every healthy person should see."
  • "Those who do not recognize this have wrong, unhealthy views."


Those who think they already know everything are happy to speak of common sense in order to get through life without thinking too much.


It is difficult for them to dig deeper into difficult topics and issues. Especially in the relationship when something is not immediately clear to you.



If common sense says that the earth is not a disk, it is right. Had he said this a few centuries ago, he would have been declared insane.


Or: Common sense says that the clocks go the same everywhere in space. If you deal with the theory of relativity, you would have to change your statement.



So far in a nutshell about the validity of common sense. The examples could be expanded as required.




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