How could you explain yourself ...                               HOW IT CAME, THE BODY AND MIND WERE SEPARATET


Humans feel like a special being - which he probably is in relation to other species.

This can lead to hubris.

For example, that he, like everything else in the universe, does not consist only of substances that follow the law, but is also a spirit being with his soul.

And these pleasant thoughts were further developed - not least because you could not or did not want to recognize yourself properly.

This resulted in the separation of body and mind.


People used to know little about the brain and how it acts. And of course they knew nothing about the midpoint-mechanics.


The midpoints i.e. the tools of the aims make up the mind (better said: the psyche), have an effect, among other things. with feelings towards the consciousness of the human being that he experiences it and sends the information back to the brain


So there is no difference between body and mind: the brain belongs to the body, the mind (psyche) to the brain


People have simply put the soul into the world, also because, among other things, had to explain the feelings of their psychic life.


Basically, they probably also wanted a demarcation between the body and the soul, because it made a direct reference to an imaginary "God" possible. Which, of course, is speculative because, as just stated, the body encloses the mind (psyche) and everything consists of substances that follow the law.


The "soul" was particularly suitable for projecting all sorts of fantasies onto it.


Soul stands for disembodiment, mind, detached from all substances. Born out of the wish that there might be such a thing, because many e.g. it is difficult to imagine that after death nothing remains.


People who propagated this quickly found followers because it makes dreams come true. From this developed cults, interpretations of religion and isms, which were embellished more and more.


I mean: For the clarity of knowledge, it is better to place the word "soul" in the realm of faith. And to use the term "psyche" for all "mental" processes, so you stay on the ground of the real.




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