How could you explain yourself...                                    FOR TODDLERS HUMAN ATTACHMENT PLAYS A BIG ROLE IN THEIR LATER LIFE


The value of the world, the way humans sees them, is particularly shaped by the attachment in childhood.

The child often projects that the attachment figure can do everything - and as a result so everything in the world is possible.

This person means a close, emotional bond, usually between parents and child, that is consolidated through everyday contact and experience and is long-lasting.

The binding behavior is innate.

The ability to love is also developed here. (Love is becoming a midpoint, which is usually shaped by another person). The basis are People who lovingly take care of toddlers.

Anyone who has developed a healthy bond with a caregiver during infancy and childhood also has a positive attitude towards the world and people.

Otherwise, the adult will be more suspicious of the world and people and will then have a hard time making bonds.

Incidentally, the upbringing takes place in particular by observing with regard to the behaviour of its educators by the child. If this behaviour does not match what the educator wants to convey to the child, the child may conflict. It has two goals, so to speak: one that it sees and one that it hears.
Successful upbringing succeeds through role models that give the child a clear example.

Like everything in the world, the attachment figure has two sides:

  • The values and views conveyed shape people for life.
  • If necessary, these are difficult to redesign or to put down again. This is because old behaviour patterns have a strong persistence, the feelings urge according to the motto: "You always did that, so it will be right now."




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