How could one explain oneself. . .                            anger/rage


Anger always means that a desired goal has not been fulfilled, and the urge of the human being to urge it to come true - no matter how or why.


Because the reason is always a desired, but not achieved goal.


The anger is often projected outwards; to other people, other living things, lifeless objects. Often on the fate, that it has one on one or evil forces.


It can affect mood and cause sadness, anger or resignation to depression.


To avoid this, there are ways to say, "What happened, had to happen as it happened", and / or try to find, research, rethink, modify, or give up that goal.


From the perspective that everything had to happen as it happened, it makes no sense at all to annoy oneself. If you do it anyway, it is usually due to automatic processes in a self. If one realizes this, future similar reactions could be changed.


If one asks oneself, which goal I wanted to achieve and why I missed it, one could win two things: First, to recognize the cause of his anger, and second, to get to know himself better.


It is also easy to be tempted to blame the situation or other people. It would be better to ask yourself what goal you have pursued and what proportion you yourself had.


If you are angry about someone, then the goal, the expectation of how the other should behave, has not been fulfilled. This is the cause of the anger.


You could ask yourself the question if you change your attitude or replace it with a new one. - Which is not that easy.


Then, of course, in the future, the anger will be lower.


Angry oneself, for example about inanimate objects (for example, about something not working as expected). then often a metaphysical or mystical faith plays a role. Here one could make oneself clear: objects have no will and do not want to annoy one either.


The latter is not possible when one is in blind fury. Here these midpoints hide everything; one only wants to satisfy his anger.



So why are you annoyed?

Because a goal was not reached.

Why was this goal not achieved?

Because it was not possible with respect to the environment, or humans, or the inadequacy of oneself.

Is this anger useful or is it harmful?

Usually the latter.

How could you change anything in the future regarding this goal?

As a rule, to modify




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